Steven Bright

Professions and Associated Computer Software

There are many good free or open source computer software programs just as there are some great paid or premium software programs. Some of them have general uses most especially the Office productivity packs while others are suited for just some particular fields or professions. The key therefore is to be able to quickly decide on which computer software you need to learn to be able to perform a particular task(s) and hence improve your productivity, speed, and accuracy in performing such task(s).

That is the reason why the list of computer software and their functions in relation to professions or sectors is the main focus of this book. With this book, you will quickly get to know the necessary computer programs your profession requires you to have its skills set and the functions of such computer software.

*Website Design and Development
*Graphics Design/ Arts
*Book/Digital Publishing Tools and Software
*Android Application Development Tools
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Steven Bright
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