Improv: Enjoy Life and Success with the Power of Yes, John Cremer
John Cremer

Improv: Enjoy Life and Success with the Power of Yes

102 printed pages
In this book John Cremer provides context for what occurs during improvisation sessions and a clear DIY guide to running a basic session yourself. By applying these clear lessons you will be able to: – Bond and inspire a team – Open new neural pathways and overcome reluctance and nervousness in participants – Find different angles for problem solving and brainstorming – Feel confident on your feet in front of people – Have a great laugh
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toalexstonehas quotedlast year
Whole Group Games
Hello, As If
This is one of my favourite warm ups. Get everyone to wander around the room randomly and tell them they only need one word for this exercise.

Instruction 1:When they make eye contact with someone say “Hello” to them, just hello, nothing else and then walk on and repeat this with someone else. Let this run for a minute or two unless they are really loving it.

Instruction 2: Ask them to keep wandering but this time when they make eye contact to say “Hello” as if they are embarrassed, then walk on and repeat. Again let this continue while the energy is high.

Instruction 3: As above but keep changing the “as if ” - so “Hello” as if they are hyperactive, bored, seductive, constipated, French, broke etc.

Instruction 4: Tell them you are going to give them one more “as if ” suggestion which they will use, then three group members will come up with their own “as ifs” which everyone must use, one after the other.

Likely outcomes:laughter, feeling of relief from shy ones, those who made suggestions will feel validated and heard, high energy level in the room, enthusiasm, connections between people, loads of good stuff.

Flag Up:They are doing great, this is how improv works, what fun this is, it’s impossible to do this wrong, and perhaps they want more. Once the group is up and moving the next one works a treat with up to 30 people.
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