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E.J. Runyon

Claiming One

“You run or you fight. Pick either one, but do something.”

The distinct characters in Claiming One are both incredibly loving and tragically flawed: far from finding what they seek, and an even longer way from peace.

Often, we arrive to their story on the heels of a major change, whether actual or symbolic, and each story offers a glimpse into the characters' moment of choice. We witness perilous options, discoveries and decisions, all while considering the flawless humanity presented to us.

This powerful collection brings together 17 short stories linked together by flight or denial. Author E.J. Runyon masterfully intertwines a lop-sided trail of hope, found in the hearts of the characters, to thread these tales together.


“Runyon tells her stories with an unashamed truthfulness--what seems to be almost an unaware truthfulness. The work is edgy, but never for the sake of edginess. At the same there exists a compelling emotional accessibility. If you are willing to risk reading, this will challenge you, capture your attention, and dare you to continue till the very last.”

-Catherine Ryan Hyde, acclaimed author of Pay It Forward, Jumpstart the World, and 16 other novels.
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