Munindra Misra

Bholenath in English Rhyme

Bholenath in English rhyme covers many of Lord Shiv’s Mantras, Stuti, Stotra,Chalisa etc (with original text).   Om The basic elements of Earth, wind, fire invoking, The male omniscient Supreme Lord respecting, Lord Shiv’s inspiration very honestly seeking, His guidance in our spiritual journey wanting. त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव,त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव। त्वमेव विद्या द्रविणम् त्वमेव,त्वमेव सर्वम् मम देव देव॥ Tvameva Mata Ch Pita Tvameva Tvameva Bandhush-Ca Sakha Tvameva Tvameva Vidyaa Dravinnam Tvameva Tvameva Sarvam Mam Deva Deva You my mother and father be, You are kin and friend to me, You my knowledge, wealth be, God of gods, You my all do be.
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