Marcus Darkley

BDSM Collection 12

Six hot and horny BDSM Erotica short stories in one bumper collection from Marcus Darkley.
All content owned by Marcus Darkley. Adult reading material.
Sugar Baby Agency — I was a widower on the wrong side of sixty and desperate for sex! My mates told me I was still good looking and I knew I was in good shape. Oh, and rich! That should have guaranteed me a woman, if it wasn’t for one thing. I just didn’t fancy granny-types my own age. No, what turned me on was much younger women; like a third of my age!
Sex Addict — “Have you met Gary’s missus yet? She’s a fucking nympho!”
I didn’t believe it at first — Ed was a bit of a blagger! I had have a try for myself. Luckily, my lovely wife was always up for fun, so we invited Fay and Gary over for a BBQ. It didn’t take long to find the horny young Milf’s real nature, and very quickly, one thing led to another…!
Carnal Knowledge — I couldn’t believe it; running into my old college mate, Zach just like that! We had few beers and then I took him back to surprise Susie, my wife and his old friend too.
Susie was less surprised than I thought she’d be but delighted to see Zach all the same. Then, it very quickly became clear that our friend had a lot more knowledge about my wife than I realised. More knowledge than me in some respects… carnal knowledge!
Selling Siobhan's Special Place — Siobhan probably hadn’t really meant it when she suggested she would give up her anal cherry for a large amount of money but a bit of serious networking soon showed me the possibilities. Then, some serious negotiations on both sides finally got my wife in front of Lisa, who had a solution.
All Inclusive — The holiday of a lifetime — all inclusive and completely free! But nothing in life was really for free, was it? When we girls found out what the payment was — us — it didn’t seem like such a bad deal! 
Blissfully Broken — I was tricked by one of my best friends into thinking I was going on an all-expenses paid girly holiday. Well, I sort of was, but there were some pretty explicit conditions attached. Today, out host assured us, was going to be a heck of a lot hotter, hornier, and harder than our first night had been.
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