Gail Luck

Bumduggle Davis Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

When Bumduggle (Barry) Davis and his brother, Evan, stay with their Gran, things get out of hand when Gran invites a French chef to dinner. The boys come across an argument between two motorists on their way home from the sandhills. One is an Asian bully using abusive language in a broad Australian accent.Meanwhile, Jone, Barry’s new schoolmate from Fiji, is asking for his help. He fears his parents might want to get divorced and he doesn’t know what to do. Barry’s happy to help but it turns out there are bigger problems that Jone and his parents must face.Then Barry’s friend, Truong, comes to tell him that Mr. Cool and Couch Potato, the two bumbling Asian gang members who kidnapped them before, are out of jail. Will these two fools want revenge? After all, it was their cousin, Trudy, who dobbed.There are more surprises in store for Barry and Truong when they find out who Monsieur Vincent really is and where Jone learned his cooking skills.Barry, Trudy and Truong go to Vietnam in search of Gran’s recipes but who are their two travelling companions? And …. could there be something serious between Barry’s dad and his girlfriend?It certainly looks like Barry has bitten off more than he can chew!
183 printed pages

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