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MSN,RN,Angelo P. Giardino,CPN,Diana Faugno,Mary J. Spencer,DF-IAFN,FAAFS,SANE-P,SANE-A,Barbara Girardin,CCRN

Sexual Assault: A Color Atlas

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775 pages, 1735 images, 21 contributors

Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span: A Color Atlas contains more than 1700 photographs taken in forensic examinations conducted by teams of medical practitioners and investigative personnel. This comprehensive photographic reference offers authentic clinical examples of physical findings in cases of sexual assault across the life span.

For ease of access, this atlas is divided into 7 sections representing victims at every stage of life. Detailed case studies of patients from infancy to old age include descriptions and assessments of both verified cases of sexual assault and nonassault variants for comparison. Corresponding sets of full-color exam photos demonstrate key findings indicative of either sexual assault or nonassaultive sexual contact. These cases address female and male victims and include examples of a wide variety of assaultive injuries and other types of physical evidence associated with sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Victimization Across the Life Span: A Color Atlas was designed and edited by a diverse team of medical doctors, forensic nurses and nurse practitioners, law enforcement professionals, attorneys, and victim advocates. Readers from those fields and from all other branches of the multidisciplinary team will find this broad and comprehensive atlas an essential tool for the investigation of and response to cases of sexual assault in victims of every age.
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