Robert Jeschonek

Trek Fail

A non-fiction book about an award-winning Star Trek author's true-life Trek experiences.
Remember the Star Trek novel that tells the story of Redjac's eternal battle with immortal Flint? What about the comic book story that takes Pavel Chekov to the Soviet planet Soyuz II, where he meets the ghost of Yuri Gagarin? Did you see the episode of Voyager in which Tuvok faces pon farr while the crew battles an alien who dies but keeps coming back for more? How about the weekly web serial bringing together a team of time-travelers including Tasha Yar, K'Ehleyr, and a humanoid avatar of the Guardian of Forever?
These are just a few of the Star Trek projects developed and pitched to TV producers, book editors, comic book publishers, and website producers through the years. Which ones were fails, and which ones weren't? Find out in this journey through boundless time and space in a search for the secrets of an alternate universe of Trek adventures that never were.
Award-winning author Robert T. Jeschonek knows his Star Trek. He won the national grand prize in the Strange New Worlds writing contest. He is one of a handful of authors chosen to write stories in the Star Trek: New Frontier universe. Now he invites you to explore the vast realm of published and unpublished Trek. Some of his stories and novels went on to appear in print, while others never saw the light of day.
Now, for the first time, you'll see it all. You'll learn the history of one writer's career as a Trek author…shine a light on his unique creative process…glimpse visions of worlds and adventures beyond any you've seen before…and imagine how different published and televised Trek might have been if some of these visions had come to pass.
Can you guess which pitches or proposals deserved a FAIL? Which ones deserved an UNFAIL? You'll be the judge throughout this book, comparing your verdict on each project to what really happened. Will a personal epic FAIL lurk in your future? Not if you get them all right.
Though in the end, everyone who loves Star Trek will win on this warp speed voyage through known and unknown realms. Because many of these proposals, and the stories behind them, are guaranteed to take you where no one has gone before.
243 printed pages
Original publication
Pie Press

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