Simone Lamont

Fooling Sheep

My vision is blurred with images of my body bleeding out on the asphalt, someone kneeling over me as I lay on the ground. A feeling of cold, lonely depths. I can't remember if any of this is from my memory of the Incident or just a dream.

In Fooling Sheep, a science fiction based mystery, Via finds herself transferred to a new high school, only to discover that everyone else there is also new. Oddly, all their parents now work for the mysterious company YouTech. The cheerful Principal Connors welcomes them all with a nefarious message. They must find the Agent; the robot who walks among them.

Any of the students might be the imposter. Via finds herself entangled in her classmates' personal lives and the ever-increasing strangeness that the school staff thrusts upon her with their supertech-based curriculum; including ESP exercises that go sideways in a hurry. Shortly after Via's terrible nightmares begin to cluster, the town is overcome by an unexpected tragedy. This isn't just a game for scientific curiosity. Lives are at stake. Including Via's own.

Who is the Agent?
268 printed pages
Original publication



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