Lane Jennifer

The Witch's Survival Guide

Spells, rituals and elemental magick for dealing with the stress and strain of 21st-century life.

The modern world has pushed many of us to breaking point. Our bodies and minds are burnt out, and we can feel anxious, inadequate and lonely. This is because we were meant for a very different life — one that connects us with swaying trees, wild creatures and the rush of the elements across our skin. We are meant to feel the power and peace of being at one with nature.

In The Witch's Survival Guide, Jennifer Lane shows you how to take back control of your life and tap into the deep magick that resides in the plants, trees and ancient places of this world. Among the many spells and rituals, you will learn to:

— Make an energy protection spell with a simple apple
— Use candle magic to draw self-love into your life
— Soothe anxiety and create balance with the powers of water
— Let it all go under a full moon.Through guided spell work, Jennifer shows us how to harness the natural forces of the four elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water — so that we can finally restore and enrich our souls.
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