Daniel Kay

Market Day Delight

When Toby returns home for college, he has to help take care of his sheltered eighteen-year-old sister while their broke parents go on the road over the summer looking for work.  The protective old brother takes his inexperienced little sister shopping with a small bit of extra cash and is stunned (and aroused!) by the phallic squash she blushingly buys.  Once they get back home, he can't stand not knowing if she's using it sexually or not, and despite his anxiety lets himself into her room to quite the welcoming surprise!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

The walk back to the apartment was difficult, but allowed Toby to gain some control over himself.  “Are you hungry?” he managed to ask.  “We could get those cooked up right away, if you want.”

Allison’s eyes widened again at the words, and she clutched the squash to her chest again. “No!  I mean. I’m not hungry yet.  Actually, all that walking has left me tired. I think I’m going to go lie down for a while.”

Toby knew exactly what that meant, and what control he had over his cock was once again lost as it throbbed in interest.  He unlocked the apartment door and watched Allison hurry through the dim hall, disappearing into her bedroom.  He stood in the doorway a while before flipping on the lights in the living room and closing and relocking the front door.

What was he going to do?  If he stood outside her door, he could undoubtedly listen to whatever little sounds she made as she explored herself.  Perhaps it would be better if he took a shower and tried to think of something other than his sister while he took care of himself.

Somehow he found himself standing in the hallway outside of her door, listening to the silence.  Had she already started? Was she really that quiet? What if she really was napping?

He stood there motionless for what felt like twenty minutes but was probably only five, before finally making up his mind.  He had to know. He had to see. He could act surprised and quickly let himself out again, but he needed to know.  “Allie,” he said, turning the door handle, “I’m coming in.”

She was on her bed above her sheets, legs spread, pussy bared, grinding the squash against her clit.  She still wore her tiny little dress, but it was hiked up out of the way now.  “Toby,” she moaned as he entered, her head lolling to the side to look at him.  She rubbed the end of the squash over her pussy hole, but didn’t push it in.  “All this time,” she gasped, “you knew what I wanted it for.”

“Holy fuck,” Toby gasped.  What had before been just a half-erection now strained against his pants to stand up properly.  His heart was suddenly pounding and his eyes were drawn to the sight of that squash as it spread his sister’s pussy lips open, circled around her clit and then slid down over her wet, clenching hole.

Allison moaned and shifted her hips, angling herself so Toby could have a better view.  “Toby,” she moaned. Her legs spread open further and she pressed the head of the squash against her tight little pussy.  “Watch me, please,” she gasped.  “Please. Oh.”  Her pussy finally began to swallow the head of the squash, the tight pink ring of her hole stretching as she forced the squash inside her.  She whimpered again, pulling the squash out slightly, and then began forcing it back inside her hole. “Toby, Toby! Ohhhh!”

“Allie,” he managed to breathe, but could form no other words beyond that.

“With a squash,” Allison moaned.  “Fucking . . . my hole. My virgin hole . . . while big brother watches.” She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and forced the squash in deeper. She let out a gurgling noise of delight and began to pump her hand, forcing the squash in and out of her.  “So good,” she gasped, shuddering.  “Better than I ever dreamed…”

Unable to help himself now, Toby began to unfasten his pants. He let out a sigh when he freed his heavy cock from the confines of his pants, and began to stroke it even harder as he watched.  This was wrong, but he no longer cared. His little sister was getting off, masturbating with a vegetable while he watched.  If she was going to enjoy this, so was he.

“Oh God,” Allison moaned, noticing. “Come closer.  Want to see it. Big brother’s cock.”

It wasn’t easy to walk with such an erection, but Toby did, leaving his pants and underwear in a pile by the door.  He dripped pre-cum as he walked, which he picked up with his hand and helped slick his cock.  “You . . . you like it?” he whispered.

“Yeeeeees,” Allison moaned and shoved the squash deep and hard into her pussy. “Yes! Oh! Fuck me with that big cock, Toby!” she cried, slamming the squash into her pussy. “Yes! Oh my God, yes!”

“A-Allie!”  He pressed his knee onto the mattress, finding it hard to stand. He kept stroking himself as he watched his sister’s pussy swallow the squash all the way to the stem.  There were tears in her eyes, but she didn’t stop pounding it into her pussy.

“T-Toby!” She arched her back, but she wasn’t coming yet, he could tell.  “Oh!  My big brother. Finally.” She reached one hand up and pinched her nipples through her dress.  “Finally watching me. Big brother.  Finally wanting me.” She scooted back on the bed, giving him room.  “You want me, don’t you, Toby? Your baby sister? Your baby sister’s pussy?”

Toby’s mouth was dry.  He licked his lips and could only nod.  It was so, so wrong, and he didn’t know at all what was happening or how or why Allison was saying these things, but, oh yes. He wanted his baby sister right now; wanted to stretch her tight little pussy even more than that squash was.

“I love you,” she gasped as he knelt on the bed, positioning himself over her.  “I always have. Ever since . . .” she trailed off and reached up, grabbing his shirt and dragging him down to kiss her.  She kissed rough and hard, moaning into his mouth as their tongues met.
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