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Kelly Addams

Hotwife Tales

A collection of 7 sinful erotic short stories about wild wives and their horny husbands…

“His hands were still trembling as he turned the key in their front door, he needed to change his trousers, despite being prepared with tissue he had still drenched himself… and his hard cock told him that he needed to masturbate again, he doubted the erection would ever fade away.” From Cuckold Me

This collection for naughty short stories pushes the limits of decency, so expect cheating wives who just can't keep their legs together, horny husbands who love to watch, a cruel and sadistic wife who loves blackmail and humiliation, a sexy ebony hotwife who happily sells her body to strangers for her husband's viewing pleasure, MILF bondage and gang bangs, plus a sexy young wife who spreads her legs wide on her wedding day.

Included in this edition:

My Wife Is The Office Slut

The story of a cuckold and his horny wife. How it all began, and how he reacted when he discovered exactly what kind of wanton slut his seemingly demure wife really was when she stepped into the accountancy office where she worked.

Cuckold Me

Andrew worries that his sexy younger African wife Imara will be tempted to stray as he struggles to keep up with her intimate needs, there is after all a 15 year age difference between them. So, in an attempt to protect his marriage, he makes a suggestion that may turn out to change both of their lives forever.


Cuckold Andrew and his slutty wife Imara return in the sequel to Cuckold me. Settled into their kinky new lifestyle the crazy couple explore different avenues of excitement and stimulation as Imara admits that she would enjoy exposing her naked body to strangers, and as before, Andrew begins to understand just how adventurous his wife can be as she gives him a show far beyond what he had imagined!

Kira's Pact

Gary is a man with a deep and dark secret, a secret that he cannot risk exposing, so when his new, sexy… and very 'trophy' wife discovers he finds himself in a situation with no real option to deny her deepest cravings and desires. He finds himself submitting to her, and the cruelty of her twisted friends… but cuckolded Gary is yet to face his greatest humiliation! 18+ Submission, Anal and CBT!

I is for Irene's

Meet Irene, happily married but unaware that she is in a rut, her husband Clive works offshore on an oil rig and is away for months, but this time he comes back home with an idea in mind. Irene once shared a wild erotic fantasy with him, and although years have passed he now knows just how to make it come true. Will she agree… and will it rekindle the passion they once shared?


Denise is in a tight spot! Husband Simon is in the grip of depression as he comes to terms with the fact that an accident has robbed him of his job, the bank are ready to evict them, and try as she might, she just can't find work… except the offer from her millionaire neighbour, he wants her to clean his apartment… she's desperate for work, for money, but does he want more than a cleaner?

The Blushing Bride

It is Gail's wedding day, and so far everything has been just perfect, although her new husband Gary is making some strange demands… suddenly he has turned very dominant, not that Gail minds, there is a great deal about her that he doesn't know, it just feels a little ironic that he has started trying to change her… into the dirty slut that secretly, she already is!

Please Note: This collection features many explicit scenes and is suitable for 18+ Adult Readers Only.
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