Rita Rojas

Spanked Behind the Library: The Jock and the Good Girl

Stacy Chilton has typical rich girl problems; young, spoiled, and bored with the boys from her past. That changes after meeting James who is an older handsome man. Stacy has only been with James a few days but she has never been happier? Can James continue to arouse and challenge Stacy mentally and physically? James wants to role play an event from Stacy's college days and Stacy is eager to participle. However, Stacy won't be able to manipulate her study partner like she did in years past. Will Stacy be able to stay in character or will the sexual tension in the library prove to be too much? Stacy quickly learns that in her new reality there are rules and consequences when rich girls show up to the library unprepared for their study session. Punishments must be administered to naughty rich girls and Stacy finds herself bent over behind the library being disciplined. Has Stacy learned her lesson? This story contains role-playing and hot, straight, guy on girl sex.
22 printed pages
Original publication


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