Ed Gorman


Political fixer Dev Conrad realizes there’s more at stake than a mere election when an assassination attempt is made on a US congresswoman.
Political consultant Dev Conrad is doing his best to help secure a re-election victory for Congresswoman Jessica Bradshaw, who’s fighting a fierce battle against her far-right opponent, Michael Dorsey. But the campaign is thrown into chaos when an assassination attempt is made on Jessica’s life. She survives—and suddenly finds herself leading the race.
But when the shotgun used in the shooting is found in the trunk of one of Jessica’s staffers, the “assassination attempt” suddenly looks staged to win votes. With Jessica’s campaign in ruins, Dev is determined to find out who wants Jessica dead . . . and someone else is just as determined to keep Dev from finding out.
Book 5 in the Dev Conrad Political Thriller series.
“Give this one to fans of the great Ross Thomas, whose political fixers were equally savvy and equally weary.” —Booklist
“Readers of all political stripes will have as much fun following the maneuverings of Bradshaw’s and Dorsey’s respective campaigns as trying to figure out whodunit.” —Publishers Weekly
216 printed pages
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