Tania Park


Taking a twelve month sabbatical due to burnout from his career as a barrister, Jared Mann accepts a position as a paramedic with the Air-Sea Rescue team. A phone call has him searching for a body at the bottom of a sheer cliff face. Instead he miraculously finds the unconscious, battered form of Annabella Perez stuck on a narrow ledge not far from the top.
After a dramatic rescue, during which the ledge collapses, Jared discovers that Bella was thrown over the cliff in a murder attempt. The only reason Bella can hint at it that she walked in on a meeting involving her boss, Bart Hudson, and three other unknown men. Bella had been headhunted to join the firm of Hudson Enterprises. only three months previously. After the police interview Bella in hospital, Jared feels something untoward is going on and fears for Bella's life since she is an eyewitness to Hudson's murder attempt. A second attempt is made on her life whilst Jared is making discreet inquiries. With no family to care for her, Jared hides Bella in his home whilst he and his private investigator friend begin investigating Bart Hudson.
Corrupt police officers continue to give away Bella's location and a third attempt is made. While a team of investigators search for a link between Hudson, the police officers and the three other men in the meeting, they also search for a link to Bella. A series of events while trying to keep Bella safe forces Jared to return to his legal career to defend Bella against a corruption ring — all because of a case of mistaken identity. Investigations have Jared visiting Colombia where Isabella Perez now lives with her new husband. She hands over two vital pieces of evidence. It isn't until they are in the courtroom that Bella recognizes the last man whose identity they had been searching for. Stunned, Jared has to change tactics when Bella points out the judge.
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