Ana Molisteanu,Kristófer Anderson

Ripped Lifestyle Habits

Are you longing to feel fit, sexy, and confident in your body, but not sure how to get there? Ripped Lifestyle Habits will teach you to build a body you love — one that turns heads on the street, at the beach, and in the bedroom. You don’t have to become a total gym rat or follow a rigid diet filled with pills and powders. All you need to learn is how to make the daily choices that will transform your lifestyle into one that works for your body instead of against it.
Learn from Kristófer Anderson and Ana Molisteanu, both former models and airline workers turned fitness and nutrition professionals. They know what it takes to get and stay fit, even when your schedule is slammed and you’re living out of a suitcase. This comprehensive book includes everything you need to get the body you dream of, from nutrition guidelines and workout plans to essential tips for healthy travel. If you’re new to exercise, the step-by-step instructions and photos for each motion will help you get started. If you’re more experienced and looking for new inspiration, you’ll find a variety of physical activities to shake up your workouts. The diet advice is simple, flexible, and grounded in Molisteanu’s training as a certified nutritionist.
Anderson and Molisteanu understand how confusion and doubt can hold you back from reaching for your wildest fitness dreams. This book is designed to help you overcome those roadblocks and finally create the lifestyle — and the body — you want.
193 printed pages
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