Elizabeth Nhau

Dripping Water

It is amazing that two words from a father and numerous industrious actions of a mother to their minor daughter can mould the God given structure of a girl into a successful grown woman. Elizabeth Nhau had an early depressed elementary school going life when she involuntarily found herself growing up surrounded by bright siblings. It did not take long for the intelligent Silas Nhau Kadenge, Elizabeths father to notice that something was going wrong with his daughter and quickly rectify the problem before things gone wrong with his daughter. It was the routine of the school to award the top students with prices and also the family routine to award with presents those who earn prices at school. Somehow Elizabeth found herself growing in such environment where everyone was being awarded excerpt her. One day her father gave her a teaching through an analogy of dripping water from a faulty water tap which is situated above a concrete slab. He said if you visit the slab after a long time may be months or years, you will find the water would have caused a hole on the slab.
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