Marc C. Lafond

Keeps Kids Out of Porn

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Every webpage in adult entertainment should be unconditionally clear of child related content, whether in words or pictures. It is illegal to photograph or video minors engaged in sex or posing nude in inappropriate positions, but why is it still legal in porn to have category names, words, and links that imply children engaging in nudity and sexual activity. Adult entertainment must also seek a better means to deter our minors from gaining access to its hazardous content. Moral citizens demand a drastic change within online pornography to eliminate all aspects of child exploitation and prohibit minors from gaining access.
The government (GOV) passed laws banning online pictures and videos of children engaged in sexual activity and provocative nudity. This was an important first step to reduce child exploitation within online adult entertainment. However, these laws failed to embrace all the areas of child exploitation that are clearly visible within pornography today. The areas unprotected comprise child related words, links, categories, and pictures within webpages containing nudity, sex, and pornography referred to as gray area child content (GACC). GACC also comprises websites that lack pictures and videos but contain children related words, links, and categories that suggest children are engaged in nudity or sexuality within subsequent webpages.
The GOV failed to unearth a better means of protecting our minors from gaining access to online adult entertainment. In today's world of technology, our minors can still gain access to pornography even though households engage in internet blocking practices. South Carolina bill H5414 states that the typical age of minor exposure to pornography is between nine and eleven. Teenagers that engage in porn can develop a misconception about the reality of sex and relationships. Porn can rewire a teenager's brain to think in a distorted manner by corrupting their perception regarding family, marriage, morality, and fidelity. Regulators have neglected to construct a better plan to keep our youth from accessing porn on the internet and the question is why?
Porn has become an uncontrollable multibillion-dollar industry lacking adequate regulation to criminalize and fine website owners for fraud, abuse, and misrepresentation. Porn website owners use GACC freely to attract viewers, optimize inadvertent redirects, label deceptively, and some steer viewers to illegal content. Website owners create categories such as incest, rape, and bestiality that use women and children in an exploitive manner. There is little to no enforcement to stop these website owners from their immoral practices. There needs to be legislative reform to eliminate GACC, block underage access to porn, keep all adult entertainment confined to a secured login portal, and criminalize website owners for abuse, misrepresentation, and deception. We need a strong solution to solve America's porn problem. This book offers a solution to this uncontrollable problem.
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Marc Lafond



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