Julia Valenti

Successful Flirting

In this non-fiction book you will learn the many facets of body language, you will learn to interpret your own body language and, if necessary, to change it. Women's negative and positive body language is explained and you will learn to correctly identify and classify these signals.
Various speech patterns are presented that are established in other fields (e.g. marketing and management) and, when used, will help you to appear sexually attractive and charismatic to women.
You will learn how to become familiar with a woman using gestures, words and eye contact, which is especially important for women — because a woman will only begin a relationship with a man or be willing to have a one-night stand with him if he has previously gained her trust!
The topic of poise is introduced, for example how sexual appeal enormously increases just by having the right amount of poise and what women pay special attention to when it comes to a man's image.
Furthermore, you will learn that all women respond to certain signals and how you can get a woman to want to see you again with your newly learned skills.
The procedure is explained step by step and at the end you will see that it's not so difficult to be successful with women.
41 printed pages
Original publication
Verlag Sonne



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