David Pratt


An award-winning journalist takes us into the West Bank and Gaza in this “essential portrayal of the ongoing human tragedy” (Library Journal).
Armed with stones, Kalashnikovs, and the scarcely believable martyrdom of the suicide bomber, a generation of Palestinians has confronted one of the most lethal armies in the Middle East in a battle that has stunned and horrified the world. In recent decades, the Intifada has been the byword for Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation. But despite widespread news coverage, many people remain unclear as to what the Intifada really is or how it began? Just what fuels the anger? Who are the key players in this deadly clash and where, during these dangerous days in the Middle East, does the resistance go from here? With a mix of reflection and reportage, foreign correspondent and filmmaker David Pratt takes the reader on a journey across the frontlines of the Palestinian uprising.
From the War of the Stones in the 1980s to the eruption of the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, and the ultimate rise of Hamas, this is an eyewitness tour through the Islamic hotbeds, beleaguered refugee camps, and bombmakers’ dens of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Above all, it is a gripping and graphic account of a people’s struggle to shake off oppression as viewed from the ground zero of besieged Ramallah and the ruins of a shell-shattered Jenin.
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