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In 2014 Crowdfunding has outperformed Facebook by BILLIONS of dollars!

Fifteen billion dollars then  was  no small matter and should give you some idea where this industry will be in the future.

Yes, maybe 100 billion  is a possibility in the next few years. Crowdfunding will have one of the greatest impacts on World Solutions to some of the World's greatest challenges like hunger and poverty throughout the world.

For what need do you need to raise money?

Crowdfunding has been used to raise funds for just about every possible thing. We have seen projects for charity work, crises and life events. Other projects are focused on funding ideas, business start-ups, lauchpad projects, real estate and investment opportunities.

Both  entrepreneurial and financing  industries  are very  excited by all possibilities as we move into the future. Clearly  we have only seen the beginning as it continues to evolve.

Imagine almost anybody  with  basic individual needs for which who  might need to raise funds for  some specific  use has  now plenty  of easy viable options to  launch and  fuel their dreams. These ever  changing options are  what I call Crowdfunding 2.0, which is already  happening ;

Starting or expanding a business

Nurturing spiritual pursuits

Creating projects to “Make a better world”

Funding home improvements

Funding college loans

Funding a coming wedding

Buying a new or used car

Creating a retirement fund

Paying off loans, bills, mortgage etc…

Crowdfunding feeds our hunger to connect with others who share similar idea’s and concerns. It is the launchpad  for ideas to take flight .

“Crowd Funding is the next big Trend.”  Currently it is said that there are over 500 websites on which all individuals, groups, non-profits and companies may present what is commonly known as a project.
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