Zoë Hickerson

Tea, Cake and Tears

This book is a selection of creative writings from the darkness of burnout, depression and learning to walk into the light again. Many are self-reflective and a deep learning experience about situations I had not dealt with in the past. Why do I write?  When I woke up in January 2017 thinking I need to write my thoughts little did I know I would go on and publish, it is still a form of therapy for me. I went from writing every day for the first few years and now I write about 4 a month, I can't just sit and look at my phone and write something. I still think why are people interested in reading them, when I share them with others, I get thanked because there are people out there who have the same thoughts as me and have difficulty expressing them. With so many differences in the world we are more alike than ever.

56 printed pages
Original publication



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