Don Dandrea


Seven centuries ago, Mongolia’s Genghis Khan, or universal ruler, conquered half the known world. With his Mongol hordes, he vanquished more land and people than Alexander the Great, the Roman Caesars, or Napoleon, and he instilled a fear that lasted for generations. In less than ten years, Khan took control of most of Juchen-controlled China. The guiding genius of the Khan’s great armies was a man known as Subotai. Genghis Khan gave him the title Orlok, the eagle, leader of armies. Subotai, the Orlok, was perhaps the greatest military commander who ever lived. Orlok follows the campaigns of Subotai from China and Korea into Persia and finally to Russia and into Europe. The mysterious Khan and the mystical Orlok arise from the fastness of the Chinese steppes and strike down empires until they stand poised at the edge of Western Europe, ready to turn it into a province of their Asian kingdom.
427 printed pages
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