Geronimo, Bill Dugan
Bill Dugan


The Apache Wars
The blood of Geronimo's people is being brutally spilled by white invaders. Now, the proud Chiricahua Apache war chief prepares for the greatest and most desperate conflict of all--the final battle against the cruel might of the U.S. Army, which seeks nothing short of total extermination of the Apache.
The government has dispatched the brilliant General George Crook, an army leader as strong and relentless as the Apache warrior himself. Locked together throughout the blistering Apache Wars, the cunning great chief and the complex white soldier will shape American history and seal forever the fate of the Apache nation.
Impeccably researched, rich with real-life characters and period detail, this powerful historical novel vividly recounts the fury of the Apache Wars and their inimitable leader, Geronimo, from his first battle to his final, tragic betrayal and death.
Leader of Power
Geronimo knew how many white men wanted all Apaches—men, women, and children—dead. The White Eyes' newspapers were full of such talk. Orders had been given to exterminate them, sell the children into slavery in Mexico, whatever it took to assure that not one Apache still drew breath in Arizona or New Mexico. Geronimo would not have believed it, but one who knew English showed him the words in the newspaper.
There was only one way to make sure that it didn't happen, and that was to strike first and to keep on striking until all the White Eyes were dead or had run for their lives. The mountains and deserts belonged to his people. The Mexicans hadn't been able to take them away, and the Americans were going to fall just as hard. If blood had to be spilled until there was no one left to bleed, that is how it would have to be. That was why he had decided to leave the reservation. Now that he was out, he intended to stay out, until he had won or until he could breathe no more.
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