The Scarlet Letter Society: The Complete Trilogy, Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy

The Scarlet Letter Society: The Complete Trilogy

All three sexy, steamy, hilarious and thought-provoking novels in Mary T. McCarthy's bestselling SCARLET LETTER SOCIETY series – now all together for the first time ever!THE SCARLET LETTER SOCIETYThis is what really happens after 'I Do'Meet Maggie, Eva, and Lisa, founders of The Scarlet Letter Society, the “SLS” is these women’s refusal to be shamed like Hester Prynne in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic tale of forbidden longing. A sexy and insightful novel about women who have chosen to forge their own paths, and must deal with the ramifications of their choices. For anyone who’s found their fairy tale isn’t quite what Disney had in mind.THE SCARLET LETTER SCANDALWhen an anonymous blogger begins to expose the SLS, Maggie, Lisa and Eva find themselves at the center of a neighborhood controversy. And with the discovery of a popular local underground swingers’ club, this supposedly quaint subdivision is turned upside down as gossip and accusations threaten marriages, families, and even the limits of the law.THE SCARLET LETTER STORMAn unforgettable conclusion to an unforgettable series, the SLS must stand together in the face of a catastrophe that could destroy many lives while proving that friendship is the one love that conquers all.
660 printed pages
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Polis Books



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