Robin Lewis

The Movement “ Historical Changes During the Pandemic”

The Year 2020 was a groundbreaking year. COVID-19 became a virus that impacted many lives, causing major adjustments for many people. In the midst of this virus, racial injustice and police brutality garnered worldwide attention in a way that spawned many protests and movements. Many children have had questions about the events that have taken place, so this colorful book is a good topic of discussion and can help explain some of the events of 2020 that brought about great changes. This book is perfect for children over 10 years old and for anyone that enjoys reading about some of the events during the pandemic.
Authors note: 2020 was a challenging time for many children, especially being out of school and with all of the changes still happening even now. The lack of social activities and entertainment among other things has been stressful for many of them, and this is where we are today. This book was written to help explain some of the events. As a parent myself and with a large family of nieces and nephews, I wanted this book to be something they could understand. I feel like I have accomplished that with this book.
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