Harry Flannery

What Is REAL Love? Ohio Wesleyan University Student/Researcher and retired FirstEnergy Employee/Attorney Solves the LOVE DEFINITION — THE LOVE FEELINGS

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“Love and marriage are central to the lives of many of us. Yet, human beings typically treat the subject in intuitive ways without delving into the reasons for feelings of love for another. What is REAL Love? brings us to the brink of understanding without giving away the secret. Flannery recognizes the mystery of it all, making great use of personal letters and anecdotes that serve as a basis for reflection on the most important decision of our lives.” (Marriage)

-R.Thomas Williamson, College President

Who hasn't wondered about the existence of true love? Is it possible to find the one? What does it mean and how can you know for sure when you do? In this groundbreaking and provocative work, What is REAL Love? Harry A. Flannery reveals the nature of true love feelings and what it means to find your actual other half. By examining contemporary culture and religious traditions, as well as the writings of the classic Greek philosophers and the etchings of ancient tribes to explore the timeless nature of true love, Flannery takes a systematic approach to a very difficult subject. Then, in an effort to provide the ultimate illustration of what he has discovered to be true love feelings, Flannery invites you to read the actual love letters he penned to his own wife more than fifty years ago during their courtship. Witness the struggles and the questions, the joy and the magic of finding your “other half,” and discover for yourself what makes fairy tale love come true.

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