Harold Smiths

5 Secrets To Becoming A Guest On Top TV Talk Shows

“IMAGINE you were sleeping wearily on your bed, your mind gazing shrilly on a dream you once had years ago while growing up as a child — the dream of becoming a media guru, a top show TV presenter in one of the popular media outfits.
But as it is now, maybe after twenty years or so . . . that dream now seems to be a mirage of a lonely desert, totally unreachable, far-fetched and out of sight!
So in grinding defeat you buried your face in your hands like a wretched demon on a graveyard, yawned and wasted your thoughts in your spacious, elegantly or perhaps not-so-elegantly decorated Renaissance bedroom! . . . 
[And] So you heaved heavily over the tragic death of your dream of ever becoming a media celebrity, perhaps in one of these popular media like CNN, BBC, Voice of America, Al Jazeera, you name it!
… But then suddenly, having given up on your dream of becoming a media personality, and while you were musing over your predicament, of how tough life could be after many years of working your fingers to the sun, the phone rings . . . 
“Hello,” the voice said, ‘I'm Clancy Hotny, the producer of. . .’, and before you could say Jack Robinson the word strikes a chord in you like a ragging thunder, ‘… Good Morning America!” or ‘Oprah Winfred!’ or ‘Larry King Live!’ ” . . . 
The truth is, whether you realize it or not, and like most men that would instinctively make an instant assessment of the curve and contour of a lady they’ll like to spoon around with, seduce or get married to (for those with noble purpose), “producers make an instant assessment of your” media ability in thirty seconds or less in a phone conversation before the real, traditional conversation ensure! 
And within that moment of brief chat which might appear to you as nothing serious — just a telephone conversation — the truth is, and I am sorry to burst your bubble at this moment — this isn’t just an ordinary telephone conversation!
It is the pathway to your long awaited dream! 
In fact, contrary to what you might think, right at that minute you are being interviewed! You are being screened! You are being auditioned and judged!”
Becoming a media dinosaurs like Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Garrison Keillor, Ira Glass or Femi Oke is more of an art than science. This straight-talking guide will help you understand how to attain celebrity stardom as a guest in most of the top TV/radio stations. Here are the facts of becoming a media guru as you have never been taught while at the university. In great depth, fun and candor, the author, Harold Smiths, reveals the psychological, emotional, and the physical aspect of attaining celebrity stardom as a media guest.
1. Gain insights into the top secret of great media hosts like Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Garrison Keillor, Ira Glass and Femi Oke.

2. Discover how most producers conduct interviews with clients before booking their clients for air-time.

3. Learn how to pitch your opinion to popular media producers.

4. See why reading this book can get you book with producers while you pave your way to celebrity stardom.
This book is a must read whether you aspire to be a presenter, a producer or a TV/Radio guest.
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