A Brave New Worldview : Poems, John Edson
John Edson

A Brave New Worldview : Poems

This volume contains 57 poems covering a wide range of form and subject. At times formal, at times experimental, Edson's poems explore love, politics and our connection to nature and to each other at many levels. Each poem is accessible and precise in bringing to life the beautiful synthesis of wisdom and mystery that are life's universal. This volume ends with “Tears for Amy,” an elegy for a former classmate, Amy Biehl, a Fulbright scholar killed at the age of 26 while studying the transition to democracy in South Africa. A meditation on democracy, society, humanity, and the future for which Amy was working, “Tears for Amy” is 676 lines long, written in 26 26-line stanzas of terza rima, to mourn the young age at which Amy lost her life. A Brave New Worldview fulfills the mission implied in its epigraph to advance with music, image, eloquence and imagination a worldview that deepens our understanding of equality, ecology and human potential. Read aloud it will lift your heart and connect you to that source.
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