Chrissie Walsh

The Collier's Wife

Leeds, 1918. When Amy visits her husband Jude at Beckett's Park Hospital, he doesn't recognise her. Broken after serving four devastating years in the First World War, Jude is a shadow of the man he once was. Can he ever again be the man Amy knew and loved?
Barnsborough, 1912. The first time Jude and Amy meet, the connection between them is instant and electric. While a librarian's assistant and a collier might not be the most conventional pair, the two come together over a love of books that quickly turns into more. Neither suspects their families have secrets that threaten to tear them apart…
True love's path is rarely simple… but can Jude and Amy find their way back to each other?
Praise for Chrissie Walsh:
'An authentic Yorkshire saga — you can almost hear the clacking of the looms. Add a feisty mill girl, determined to fight injustice, and you'll be reading through the night' Alrene Hughes on The Girl from the Mill.
'Full of joy, sorrow and a big pinch of fun. I loved it' Elizabeth Gill on The Child from the Ash Pits.
'A captivating story of family, relations and the complexities of life. With truly heart-tugging moments that make you shed a tear. The Child from the Ash Pits is everything a good read should be' Diane Allen on The Child from the Ash Pits.
339 printed pages
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