Edna St.Vincent Millay

Second April

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    Enya Almanzashared an impressionlast year

    Es simple, todo el mundo debería de leer a Edna St. Vincent Millay al menos una vez en su vida.


    Enya Almanzahas quotedlast year
    I looked in my heart while the wild swans went over.

    And what did I see I had not seen before?

    Only a question less or a question more;

    Nothing to match the flight of wild birds flying.

    Tiresome heart, forever living and dying
    Enya Almanzahas quotedlast year
    Oh, my beloved, have you thought of this:

    How in the years to come unscrupulous Time,

    More cruel than Death, will tear you from my kiss
    Enya Almanzahas quotedlast year
    When I too long have looked upon your face,

    Wherein for me a brightness unobscured

    Save by the mists of brightness has its place,

    And terrible beauty not to be endured,

    I turn away reluctant from your light,

    And stand irresolute, a mind undone,

    A silly, dazzled thing deprived of sight

    From having looked too long upon the sun.

    Then is my daily life a narrow room

    In which a little while, uncertainly,

    Surrounded by impenetrable gloom,

    Among familiar things grown strange to me

    Making my way, I pause, and feel, and hark,

    Till I become accustomed to the dark.

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