Fouad Sabry

Artificial Photosynthesis

What Is Artificial Photosynthesis

Synthetic photosynthesis is a chemical process that replicates the natural process of photosynthesis by transforming sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen. This process is also known as artificial photosynthesis. The process of catching and storing the energy from sunlight in the chemical bonds of a fuel is generally referred to as “artificial photosynthesis,” and the word is usually used interchangeably with the phrase. Photocatalytic water splitting, often known as artificial photosynthesis, is the process of converting water into hydrogen and oxygen by the use of light. Another approach that has been researched to duplicate the natural process of carbon fixation is called light-driven carbon dioxide reduction.

How You Will Benefit

(I) Insights, and validations about the following topics:

Chapter 1: Artificial photosynthesis

Chapter 2: Hydrogen

Chapter 3: Photohydrogen

Chapter 4: Photoelectrochemical cell

Chapter 5: Water splitting

Chapter 6: Photocatalysis

Chapter 7: Hydrogenase

Chapter 8: Solar chemical

Chapter 9: Microbial metabolism

Chapter 10: Hydrogen production

Chapter 11: Biohydrogen

Chapter 12: Oxygen evolution

Chapter 13: Dioxygen in biological reactions

Chapter 14: Enzymatic biofuel cell

Chapter 15: Daniel G. Nocera

Chapter 16: Photocatalytic water splitting

Chapter 17: Craig L. Hill

Chapter 18: Solar fuel

Chapter 19: Photogeochemistry

Chapter 20: Water oxidation catalysis

Chapter 21: Bionic Leaf

(II) Answering the public top questions about artificial photosynthesis.

(III) Real world examples for the usage of artificial photosynthesis in many fields.

(IV) 17 appendices to explain, briefly, 266 emerging technologies in each industry to have 360-degree full understanding of artificial photosynthesis' technologies.

Who This Book Is For

Professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to go beyond basic knowledge or information for any kind of artificial photosynthesis.
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