Martha Rowe

Efficient Yoga Sets at Pain in the Back and for the Development of Spine Elasticity (Mindfulness Therapy)

“Yoga provides the classification of exercises according to their action and sequence in influencing a body. How to make it clear and not get lost in numerous activities and poses and select for yourself the most needed and useful ones?”


Motor system diseases, in particular, spine diseases, belong to civilization illnesses because the sedentary lifestyle, work, and 'convenience of civilization' in general, the support apparatus consisting of ligaments and muscles, gets weakened. Many people, even young, suffer not only from spinal pain but also from a headache, migraine, low or high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, allergies, peptic ulcer, insomnia, nervous disorder, inability to concentrate, etc.


How yoga can help you? Yoga is a complex system of psycho-physical exercises, which, if performed correctly and for an extended period and repeated systematically, can restore health, provide good physical shape and harmony of all human power.


Individual exercises provided in this book are aimed at strengthening and relaxing spinal muscles from the head to the lower limbs. They are beneficial to the blood supply of small and large joints, internal organs, the entire neuromuscular apparatus and the psyche. The increase of body activity and relaxation are very closely connected with breathing, which is a full component of the exercise system in yoga.


You can practice yoga alone, following this scheme. If some exercise is hard to perform, replace it with another which is more comfortable for you. And in a week or two, try it again with small amplitudes. You should always remember the rule: from simple to complex plus gradual load.


Here You Will Learn…


Set of Yoga Exercises at Back Pain


Set of Yoga Exercises for Spine Elasticity Full Yoga Breathing


The Set of Yoga Exercises for Strengthening the Entire Body


Much, much more!


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