Jacky Tai,Wilson Chew

B2B. 10 Rules to Transform Your Business Into A Brand

    Khanim Akhmedovahas quoted6 years ago
    Whatever you can do, your competitors can copy very quickly and the scary thing is, now they can do it as well (if not better) and sell it cheaper. You can build a successful business without a strong brand but if you want that business to be sustainable, you need a strong brand.
    Sofia Burlakhas quoted2 years ago
    Rolex watch says you are wealthy
    Sofia Burlakhas quoted2 years ago
    brand, on the other hand, is driven by vision. It sets its mind on a specific goal and works towards achieving it. A brand does not chase every single opportunity that presents itself.
    b3479154289has quoted6 years ago
    Idea ownership is absolute.
    Данилоhas quoted6 years ago
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