Erin O'Reilly

The Recipe for Breastfeeding Support in America

Breastfeeding is essential for health, but breastfeeding families need support for this work! The US is failing them by proper support, such as national paid family leave, adequate data and research, national health care coverage, and supportive laws. Meanwhile, there are ample data, research, and subsidies for cow's milk and formula supplements. This book, The Recipe for Breastfeeding Support in America, proposes a national plan for breastfeeding support.

Erin O'Reilly is a La Leche League Leader and Lactation Consultant who has worked in WIC and Breastfeeding Coalitions, coaching parents through their tough work balancing the job of breastfeeding against an already delicate work/life balance. She has seen their struggles and heard their calls for support!

This book was written to address the grievous lack of breastfeeding support in US policies, laws, employment, economics and health care.
192 printed pages
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