Knots, Splices and Rope Work / A Practical Treatise, A.Hyatt Verrill

Knots, Splices and Rope Work / A Practical Treatise

This well-illustrated treasury of practical and ornamental knots ranges from simple-to-make squares, reefs, half-hitches, and bow-lines, to intricate rope-work projects, such as single and tucked crowns, rope buckles, and cask slings. Detailed instructions accompany the 148 drawings, which show how each knot, tie, or splice is formed, as well as its appearance when complete.Author A. Hyatt Verrill was an adventurer, inventor, and editor of the popular early-twentieth-century magazine American Boy. His clear directions explain all manner of rope work:-Simple knots and bends-Ties and hitches-Nooses, loops, and mooring knots-Shortenings, grommets, and selvagees-Lashings, seizing, splices-Fancy knots and moreThis practical guide offers scouts, sailors, and campers a perfect instructional manual and a handy resource.
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