Anita Mills

Comanche Rose

This sequel to Comanche Moon is “a Texas-size love story . . . with a tough yet tender hero” (Georgina Gentry, New York Times–bestselling author of Apache Tears).
After a Comanche war party kills her husband and infant son, and makes off with her young daughter, Annie Bryce has nothing left to live for. Held captive herself by a brutal warrior, merely surviving every day is the only act of defiance she can muster.
Haunted by guilt for not preventing the Comanche attack on the Bryce family, Texas Ranger Hap Walker is surprised when he stumbles across the captive Annie three years later. Hardly recognizing the beaten down woman at first, he eventually brings her back to the “civilized” world, where she’s met with scorn and gossip by the townsfolk suspicious of her survival. Free of her bonds, Annie finds a new reason to live with the realization her daughter is still missing but alive. Hap agrees to accompany her through treacherous Indian Territory, hopeful to be a part of the new life Annie struggles to build. In a time and place of savagery and splendor, a saga of passion and courage comes flaming to life.
“This gripping story about the healing power of love will pull at your heartstrings.” —Joan Johnston, New York Times–bestselling author of Surrender
“Mills writes fine, humane dialogue and makes good use of history.” —Publishers Weekly
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