Paul Sokol

Infusionsoft Cookbook

Over 88 recipes for effective use of Infusionsoft to mitigate your CRM needs, marketing automation, conducting online business optimally
About This BookMaximize client engagement by automating lead capture and follow-upCollect information and set up lead scoring in Infusionsoft to enhance your marketing interactions to build more clientsSet up online shopping carts, manage your online store, and enhance user experienceWho This Book Is ForIf you want to excel in the use of Infusionsoft to develop a set of common applications or project types and solutions effectively, this book is perfect for you. This book will empower you to provide better results for your clients, faster! It is assumed that you are familiar with and use Infusionsoft.
What You Will LearnSet up and configure features that will enhance new user creation using InfusionsoftAttract leads and build your list efficientlyUnderstand the different strategies to sell and get paidCreate amazing customer experiences by following up and automating messagesMaster techniques to use Infusionsoft for internal administrative functionsMake better business decisions by mastering the reporting functionalitySave time and simplifying day-to-day usage using InfusionsoftGet to know the Ninja hacks while working with Infusionsoft efficiently.In DetailInfusionsoft is an all-in-one software-as-a-service (SaaS) for small business sales and marketing. It empowers businesses with the same level of automation and personalization that were previously only available to large corporate enterprises with deep pockets. You can easily manage customer relationships, target communications in an automated manner, and sell their products/services online effectively.
Starting with recipes on the general setup and core competencies related to Infusionsoft, you will then learn about tools to enhance user experience. Further on, you'll dive deep into different strategies to attract, sell, and wow your customers.
You'll also explore different ways to manage administrative tasks and reporting, which are crucial to perform better workflow management. Later, you will become proficient in lead generation and lead management, referral management, report generation, and working with the campaign builder.
Finally, the book closes with unsupported ninja hacks to take your business strategies into the stratosphere!
Style and approachA recipe-based guide that covers real-life scenarios on optimising marketing automation, lifecycle management, lead generation, inventory management, and adding ecommerce functionality
1,054 printed pages



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