Joshua Strachan

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: How to Improve Your IQ, Achieve Self-Awareness and Control Your Emotions

This book provides information about emotional intelligence and its application in real life circumstances.

Emotional intelligence is the most important part of personality and career development. Starting from self-awareness, social control and the influence in the modern world, emotional intelligence overpowers education and provides a platform for feelings to aid decision making and enhance problem-solving capacity.

Happiness, sense of satisfaction and motivations depend on the way you handle your emotions and the methods used in releasing them. Your communication and the effect you create in your personal and business relationship is also determined by the degree of your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence teaches how to demonstrate self-awareness and provides for the right response that influences social behavior and perceptions.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

Secrets of unlocking the emotional genius

How to understand and control the emotions of others

Methods of using emotional intelligence in building personal intimacy and maximizing career productivity

How to use your feelings and emotions to communicate effectively, improve social skills and emotional self-awareness

Application of emotional intelligence in business leadership and turning negative emotions into your greatest achievement

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