Third Spiritual Alphabet, Francisco de Osuna
Francisco de Osuna

Third Spiritual Alphabet

835 printed pages
For the first time, in 33 years, here is a complete analytical and comparative study of the only two English translations of this marvelous work. This effort, which lies within your grasp, is a pains-taking effort to not only compare the wording, but also the footnotes and supply variant references to this stunning work; in particular making references back to our copy of the Spanish text for clarity. More importantly, this effort is coordinated with Teresa of Avila’s works. Thus an additional 400 notes, in combination with comparatives between the variant references are supplied. This work has been translated by the Sisters of Stanbrook.
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. Do not suffer your longings to decay; the candle will go out and leave you in the dark, and when the grace has gone you will be more tepid than if you had never received it. The effects of this gift on the soul are many; chiefly, an anxiety and anguish which weary the heart and incite, arouse, and constrain it to find no repose except in God.
There remains an “Old World” style to this work, which I have attempted to keep intact, while updating the language, ensuring proper alliance with the spiritual intent and purpose. Corrected grammatical and syntax issues. Given the translation, some of this will appear to be fragmentary, yet to add to much will deter from as accurate of his style and verbiage selections.

Thus, I have retained the ‘Queen’s English” while dismissing the King’s and in doing so, have returned to the American spelling of some words. These will include sceptre to scepter, center, to center, etc.

Broken down with the numerical segments to help the reader digest the potent portions he served to his audience. The intent is to allow the material to be clearly understood and ensure continuity with the previously mentioned topics, correctly coupled with what is the next course in this meal he is serving; all in edible portions. Supporting words are added in (~).

Added over 400 footnotes, to address the meaning of his concepts; variant verbal nuances such as people, places and things, notated as ‘Ed.’

This text is presented in its entirety, and remains unabridged.
the discipline, nor wear rough clothes, nor work, nor journey, we could believe you; but if you say you cannot love, we do not believe you. If Augustine says this of love for one's enemies, how much more truly could it be said of love for God for which there are so many more motives?
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