Marilyn Hering

A Woman Endures

After Eleanor Kirov loses both a baby and her marriage, she and her father decide to leave Paterson, New Jersey, to run an inherited tea plantation in South Carolina. Ready for a change, an adventure, and to take her mind off the past, Eleanor arrives at the neglected and overgrown plantation where she silently pledges to see the possibilities in everything.
A week later, Eleanor opens the door to Lukas McKendrick, who offers to help the inexperienced plantation owners. Lukas, who is the wealthiest and loneliest man around, soon finds himself attracted to Eleanor-not only because she is beautiful, but also because of her newfound exuberance for growing tea. As the tea crop succeeds and she becomes involved with the Gullah culture, Lukas quickly falls in love with Eleanor without her knowledge. As a chain of events sends her back to Paterson, Eleanor is led down a new path where she learns the truth and finally understands the meaning of love.
A Woman Endures shares the poignant conclusion to the tale of a progressive woman as she faces new challenges and comes to realize that no matter what comes her way, she will endure.
Blue Ink Press, A Woman Possessed.
“The author brilliantly traces Eleanor's decline from a strong woman of character to a spoiled socialite with one man on her mind…Author Marilyn Hering writes confidently and with authority…this expertly constructed narrative combines many of the elements of great story telling.”
83 printed pages
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