The Drowned Book, Coleman Barks, John Moyne
Coleman Barks,John Moyne

The Drowned Book

156 printed pages
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The Lost Words of the Sufi Master and Father of Rumi
Bahauddin, Rumi's father, was not only a major force in the development of Islamic spirituality, but also a deeply influential force in his son's life. In this, the first ever substantial English version of a wonderful but virtually unknown book, Bahauddin proves to be a daring, spiritual genius. His voice comes through the delightful, passionate craft of Coleman Barks, who transforms the Persian translations of John Moyne into fresh spiritual literature.
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Bakhyt Kadyrova
Bakhyt Kadyrovashared an impression3 years ago
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Чистое откровение.

I have been given a taste for what is beautiful. Like milk running through my body, the gates open. I wear a blue robe woven of six directions with watercolor images flowing over the cloth, a thousand kinds of flowers, yellow jasmine, wild iris. Orchard corridors, handsome faces on the street, I am composed of this beauty, the attar of pressed plants, rose oil, resinous balsam: live essence, I am the intelligent juice of flowers.
Суфизм, Bakhyt Kadyrova
Bakhyt Kadyrova
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