This product includes the curriculum of the structured training and treatment program Spectrum. For patient training Spectrum — Part 2: Training Slides is also needed (available in pdf-version only).

Spectrum is intended to train all patients who have an indication for using an rtCGM system. The diabetes teams have the flexibility to adjust the content depending on the needs, possibilities and limitations of the patients. CGM helps handle complex metabolic problems and enables patients to live a more flexible lifestyle. Patients can only unlock the full potential of a sensor-based intensified insulin therapy with pens or with pump therapy if they receive proper training to optimally use the displayed CGM information and sensibly vary the alarm settings.

Spectrum is best suited for use in group training. The group should be 2–4, maximum 5, patients. In groups with more than 5 participants, the risk exists that certain aspects might not be delved into enough, such as aspects which apply to individual participants, the individual evaluation of CGM data or characteristics of the different CGM systems. The training material is suitable for individual consultation although this then lacks the helpful effects of the synergy of the group.

Upon completing Spectrum, patients with diabetes have the knowledge to safely and successfully use a CGM system. Contrary to a product training, Spectrum places the focus not on the device characteristics but rather on the therapeutic use of the measurement results and the practical use of the systems in daily life. Patients learn how to understand the information given by the CGM device, how to properly use the alarm functions and how to draw the correct therapeutic conclusions.

This product includes the curriculum only! For patient training the “Spectrum — Part 2: Set of Slides” is also needed.
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