Prentice Mulford,Nsingo Sakala

Your Forces and How To Use Them Volumes I to VI Annotated By Nsingo Sakala

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The substance, or driving force that leads men to pen the words they have in mind, in the manner and sequence in which they spring up from within, is a miraculous process to witness. This is especially so when the men referred to, lived in different ages, having been brought up under different customs and literary environments; and yet the purity of thought is preserved and thus kept relevant in all periods.

The evidence is thus clear, that this substance within us all, which some refer to as the spirit, or the soul, is fundamentally one and the same. And 'IT', by whatever name men choose to give it in the various periods, is what makes the order of all pure works true.

Nsingo Sakala is a publisher of books, which are relevant to the figuring of price motions, and this book, “Your Forces and How to Use them” has been classified as an “Introductory” work within the catalogue of texts, which should lead the men of natural science to the attainment of this goal.
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