Marcello de Souza

The map is not the territory, the territory is you

This book is based on the questions of life that are part of everyday life and that accompany man since he recognizes himself as such, in his deepest relationship of reflection on what sense we can give to our journey in a broader way than we can cartesianally think and understand. Its structuring has been thought out, researched and studied before various thinkers, philosophers, behavior scientists, neuroscientists and human psychologists, with a greater objective of generating introspective restlessness from all that we build through the choices given by experiences. Therefore, the main idea presented here is to generate restlessness, whether to understand why we are, what we are and what we can be from now on, and then to understand how much we have the potential to reconstruct ourselves and always give greater meaning to life itself. To realize that the existence in being all that we already are is only a small part of the maps we build with the experiences of life, but that we are not limited to this alone, but that there are so many other possibilities from the exploration of so many other possible territories. That there is much more life and much more of ourselves whenever we allow ourselves to go beyond to explore so many other territories in our trajectory. It is true that in this book you will not find any answer, but you will be able to understand yourself and realize what your own values are in order to achieve a greater meaning, towards a life worth living, who knows then, to be aware that whenever you allow yourself, it can be much more, and making this cycle between existence and essence, the full condition of overcoming. Whether it's reflecting on that small question, or also to reach much more distant flights towards something much greater than one's own desires, one will understand during the reading that it's in the experience, in the sense of presence, self-surpassing. If at the end of the reading you understand the metaphor that “the map is not the territory, the territory is you”, surely your self-awareness will be different from the one you are able to achieve today. I invite you to read this very intriguing and challenging work!
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