The Prodigal Son

Can you go home again? Dalton left a boy and returned a man. Every day, he finds his mother more attractive and desirable. Is she was aware of his lust for her? How long can he resist her temptation? Does he find redemption? Or, do they discover deliverance? When the lines between son and mother, man and woman are crossed, a forbidden love is unleased. The complete and authored four-volume edition

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

After I shut the door and turned to her, JoJo held out her arms and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“Beautiful, absolutely stunning,” and Johanna smiled because she knew I wasn't speaking about the room or the resort. Perhaps I'm biased but to me my illicit love was a pure sexpot and even more so since we became a couple as she finally became confident, proud and sometimes even arrogant of her looks.

In her early forties, JoJo seemed more vibrant, sexy and youthful than before she turned forty. The last few years rejuvenated her love and lust for life. Johanna still had long jet-black hair without a single grey in it. She liked to wear it simply with a part in the middle or just a bit off to the side. She allowed it to cascade down to frame her lovely soft feminine face before her mane washed over her shoulders to end mid-way down her back.

Her strongest facial features are her vivid ice blue eyes. With her raven locks and soft pink skin, her eyes seem to almost glow. Aware of their power, JoJo used them to her advantage. Once she locked those blue diamonds on you, you are spellbound. Hypnotized, it is impossible to look away.

Her other great facial feature was her smile. Botox free, her whole face, and maybe even her whole body, smiles. When she smiled, which nowadays is often, it is a comfortable fun smile that makes you wanna smile with her. The corners of her mouth lift pushing up her cheeks, her eyes open wider and her eyebrows rise.

I guess you would describe her face as a blend between heart-shaped and square. I always loved how my mother had a petite chin that somehow seemed separate from her soft jaw, as if attached later. This was because she had a U-shaped line that defined her chin from her smooth jaw.

Rising from there were her beautifully kissable lips. Not overly full or plump, they seemed to be perfect for her smile, especially when she shows her shining white teeth; and when JoJo smiles her full fleshy cheeks become even more pronounced. I loved to run my fingers over the delicate skin of her face and delighted how she purrs with pleasure when I do so.

Lying, she claimed to be five-five, but was probably closer to five-two or five-three. Her weight hovered in the one thirties. Thankfully, since we became lovers she stopped being so neurotic about it. Although still a little crazy, she knew how much I enjoy and love her body. JoJo grew comfortable with herself and displayed her newfound confidence.

Johanna used to have a bizarre attitude toward her breasts. She felt they were too big; that they made her top-heavy. She complained about how she had to get her blouses tailored so the middle didn't pucker open after she buttoned it. She griped about how at the gym she had to work extra hard on her chest muscles to “prevent my boobs from sagging.” She used to grumble about how she has to rub lotion every night so she doesn't get stretch marks. She liked to joke, “When they're this big they're not tits, they're boobs.”

However, JoJo also knew how much I loved and sometimes am obsessed with her boobs. With this, her attitude changed and she used her boobs and body to her advantage to tease, entrap and ensnare me.

If you want me to tell you that Johanna has a 24-inch waist to go along with her 34DD boobs, I'm sorry but this is reality. She had a 30’ish inch waist that complimented her big bust and full, thick 36 to 38-inch hips. JoJo, my lover, my wife, my life was far from fat or even overweight. She was the definition of Thick.

She exercised regularly and it showed in her legs. Her thighs were strong and powerful, thus full and well formed. The same goes to her butt. No one would accuse her being a wide-load or a wide-ass yet she also didn't have a tiny hiney. I thought the skirt she wore was a perfect example. Snug and tightfitting, it molded deliciously to her hips and well-shaped ass before flowing down over her legs to end on her shapely calves, heightened by the towering heels she wore.
195 printed pages
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