Donna Boyle

The Universe Wants You To Remember

The Universe Wants You to Remember is a book of inspirational messages given to the author from the world of Spirit. Each line vibrates at a higher level and is meant to feed your Soul and raise your consciousness. Read them one at a time or all at once and you will find your Soul remembering what it has always known.
A short phrase, brought through from Spirit and spoken in a state of presence, allows us to evolve effortlessly, simply by receiving it. The instant integration is part of the magic of this process. 
Take your time and use this book as a guide whenever you find yourself wondering what your next move is. Flip through the pages when you need an answer to a challenging situation or thought. Allow Spirit to speak to you and receive the vibration of the words as they are being given to your Soul. The shortest of sentences can bring through some powerful guidance. I invite you to find your own true knowing through the experience of receiving these words from the world of Spirit. Let the words “speak” for themselves.
18 printed pages
Original publication
Donna Boyle



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    Ramiro Quezadahas quoted8 months ago
    The universe doesn’t listen to your thinking; the Universe resonates with your knowing.”
    - Mark Rickerb
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