Alison Taft

Shallow Be Thy Grave

Half-sisters Lily and Fiona haven’t had the easiest of relationships – hardly surprising when they discovered each other’s existence only a year ago. But when Fiona disappears, and it’s all Lily’s fault, Lily knows she has no choice but to fly to Paris and track the wayward seventeen-year old down. Accompanied by her best friend Jo, Lily soon uncovers her sister’s secret life in the French capital. What does Fiona’s employer, the suave M. Beaumont, know about her disappearance? Who is the mysterious Bridget, and why is the Shadow Minister for Justice involved? As communism collapses around them, Lily learns disturbing truths about sibling rivalry, the international sex trade and the dark side of herself Is Lily too late to save her sister and restore her fantasy of what a happy family should look like? Time is running out.
380 printed pages
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