Annie Holmes

Katherine of Carrick

“This swashbuckling historical-fantasy adventure resonates with the charm and gumption of George from The Famous Five dropped into Horrible Histories, but with the story world glamour of Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Book 1 — The Way of the Warrior -Read by the award-winning Morwenna Banks (voice of Mummy Pig in Peppa Pig ).

Katherine’s move to the famous castle town of Carrickfergus (Northern Ireland) promises a new beginning for an unconventional wanderlust family trying to salvage a life shattered by personal grief.

Home-schooled, socially awkward and a self-diagnosed worrier with only a teddy bear and a rabbit as companions, obsessively curious Katherine hides from the world in books because the worry beast doesn’t lurk there. But when Sammy the Bull and his gang of Terribles, invade her garden demanding the return of his former hideout, all seems lost.

Desperate to re-establish sole command over her enchanted garden, Katherine accepts his “easy peasy” challenge only to discover that finding girl pirates was more than she bargained for. Forced to navigate the world outside of her sanctuary Katherine must find a way to go back in time to discover girl pirates before Sammy the Bull can retake the garden.

As Katherine struggles to find her feet in a world peppered with deception, ruses, betrayal, loss and even a ghost ship, she discovers the emotional strength to face her worst fears.

With the help of her go-to bear, Bienkie, the desperate-to-be-a-superhero rabbit and the remarkable Harry Gold and the Pieces of 8, Katherine shows the world that bullies beware, girls can do anything and everything!

Boys are allowed as long as they can keep up!

The Katherine of Carrick Series — The world’s youngest history detective sails the seas on a Viking ship discovering the heroines history has forgotten, to show the world, past or present, girls rock!
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