Palmiro Campagna

Requiem for a Giant

No Canadian company has fuelled as much speculation about its demise as A.V. Roe Canada Limited. When its name was erased off the corporate map in 1962, A.V. Roe's most ambitious undertakings – the Jetliner, the Iroquois Engine, and the Arrow – were reduced to scrap.
In Requiem for a Giant: A.V. Roe Canada and the Avro Arrow, Palmiro Campagna supplies us with new information to help dispel the myths surrounding the company. With an array of recently declassified documents, Campagna investigates the star projects of A.V. Roe Canada.
Was the C-102 Jetliner technically flawed?
Was the Avrocar a failure?
Was the cost of the Arrow program spiralling out of control as historians have maintained?
These questions and many others are put to rest in Requiem for a Giant.
305 printed pages
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